You probably won’t remember (and I really don’t expect you to), but a little while back I was swearing how I can learn from my mistakes. Last summer was, how do I say it, a low point in so many ways. This summer I’ve been a little more cautious (which probably is the mistake I keep making), but only because my pride won’t let me go down again. My point here is that I do not learn from my mistakes, ever. I say I do, but I don’t. I repeat them constantly, annually to say the least. So this little piece of information (‘I never learn from my mistakes’) made a certain idea arise from the depths of my mind:
Are we destined to make the same mistakes over and over again, until they’ll destroy us OR are we destined to take the wrong turns until they are the right ones for us? I am of course talking about the people who can’t learn from their mistake, myself included obviously. This example is not based on personal experience, but as a secret romantic, I always have to make things about love. So let’s imagine you’re in a relationship with someone who is truly great, but something is not right in the relationship. You’re in a different place in life or just don’t seem to fit. Your next relationship is similar, and the guy is similar, but the relationship after that is perfect although the guy is once again ‘the same’. Have you made the mistake of choosing the wrong guy many times enough for him to be the right guy? I don’t know if there’s any sense in what I am writing, but I hope you get what I am aiming at. If you make the same mistake many times, will it stop being a mistake? Will the wrong guys be the right guys? Or will you just be a stupid person making the same mistakes over and over again? I don’t want you to go crazy and say that this is exactly how women in violent relationships make themselves believe it’s right. Don’t make the mistake of forgiving the violent guy thrice to prove that he is Mr.right. He isn’t.
So are mistakes like the saying ‘third time’s the charm’? If the third mistake is a right choice, it’s not a mistake at all, is it? Or are mistakes just made to push us on different paths, so that we don’t get stuck? Or are they really meant to destroy us? If we don’t learn, we won’t be able to be happy? Of course there’s the chance that mistakes are there to make us realize what is right and wrong…
Just something I was thinking about…
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